Right, so I’m Joel, this is the current incarnation of my website… it’s been ’round and about, parts have been at other URL’s, some are still. I’ll give a not so brief Bio here in a few lines, both about me and Joel Perry Productions. and I might even be tempted to to talk about this blog site.

Starting out, well, you’ve probably guessed my name already.  I was born in California in 1977, moved to Maryland in 1980 graduated high school in 1995, moved to South Carolina in 1995, graduated from Francis Marion University with an Accredited BA in The Fine Arts: Visual Art – my specialties included Graphic Design and Photography (although I never had my “senior show” in photography) neither of which are actually on my Diploma.  I moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2003, I moved back to South Carolina in 2004.

I have worked Started working as a retail manager then moved to Restaurant Management and Catering Management, then moved on to Private Technology Consulting, later as a Help Desk Technician, a web based magazine Editor, a Photography Assistant, an Operations Manager for a print based magazine, a Studio Manager for a Photography Studio, a Network Admin, and a System Admin.

As short as possible skills list: Sales, Management, Consulting, Troubleshooting, Financial AP/AR, light HR Management, and all the things suggested by the job titles listed above.  if you want to know more ask and I may provide a resume.

Ok, on to JPP, I started JPP to cover my privately contracted IT work I did as a “hobby”, I used it for a small amount of digital recording studio work when I produced a music CD for a DJ who was a friend of a friend back in 1997/1998, then it was for my Photography work I was doing, and then back to IT work.  I currently am a full time employee of another company and JPP is a less than part time job for me.  I have had a decent network of professionals to assist me with any jobs I needed to do, but for the most part I have just been doing advice/recommendations, and collecting a paycheck from someone else’s company.

This current blog is a place where I can rant and rave and make comments about the world.  I will try to keep it related to the things that Joel Perry Products stands for, but I can’t promise anything and sooner or later I’ll get around to setting the blog up so I can post some non-business/technology related information and thoughts, but until then you can visit my Microsoft Spaces page for more information.

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