Lots of on goings, I probably won’t talk about much or any of them, just move forward. I’ll be updating the site theme soon, as this one is from a very old version of WordPress…

At this time I would simply like to say that I wish all the people that put up reviews of the HBO series West world on Youtube.com to please watch the old movies (both of them!) there was a lot of speculation about things, and I feel that at least some of it was covered in the old movies. I’ll cover some information I noted in Future World, since I finished watching it less than an hour ago.

Just a couple of things I noticed in Future World, available right now on Amazon Prime, for Prime members.
First the map that is used in the HBO series is there, but shows 5 worlds on a revolving circular table top inside of domes at the entrance to Delos. These included, West World, East World (Grayed out), Future World, Roman World, and Medieval World. Missing is “Spa World” here old people go to pretend they are young, this is performed using holograms and hypnotics. Versus the giant layout of just West World in the HBO series. In between the domes for each world (there is a grayed out dome as well, I’ll get to that in a moment) is a smaller dome, identical in between each “world” that is a white circle with a red shape in the center that looks VERY much like Texas… Now, they do not show all of these domes, but they do show at least 3 and they all are identical and I think they indicate the location of the Worlds.

The Grayed out dome is “East World” as it is referred to in the Future World movie, or Samurai World from the HBO series. East World makes two appearances in Future World, one where they make a referenced comment about it being an up coming attraction.

The entire staff of Future World, minus one or two of the guys in charge are all hosts.

In the Original West World movie it was mentioned that a 500 series host was the top of the line, newest model and was unbelievably more advanced than the standard 300 series. The “gunslinger” bad guy of that movie was a 500 series. In future World one of the hosts mentions that she is not a programmed for sex, and that she is a 500 series model as if 500s are not used for that. There are signs in the tunnels that reference 400-700 series models and it is inferred more than once that the technicians are all 700 series. All of the models can be stopped by getting them wet and that this is the only reason for keeping human techs around for manual labor. It is also noted that a specific 700 series is “slightly stronger” than a human should be, this could be the settings, although so far in both movies all of the hosts of the same series appear to have identical attribute configurations.

Delos is replacing important political and military people and reporters with 700 series robots and that you cannot tell the difference between them and the original humans. Whereas the 500 series used in West World all could be easily identified by their hands.

The hosts are able to lie to humans and can be commanded kill humans in Future World, which occurs AFTER the West World massacre. It “was determined” that humans were the cause of the previous failure and replacing the techs and engineers with hosts would resolve that issue.

There is no mention of Dr. Ford or Arnold in either movie.

Also, I did not see any church in the original West World town, which was a strong focal point in the HBO series.


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