December 29th, 2013

The end of the year draws closer and again my site has gone through some massive changes. Apparently “Unlimited storage space” means text and the occasional low resolution image only. My hosting provider has been rather insistent on my removal of “data” from my website. As such, all stored files have been removed under the contractual clause of “data storage or file sharing” both of which are not allowed under my ~$350 annual fee. I apologize to those who routinely turned to my website over the last 2.5 years as a source for files that were hard to find elsewhere or otherwise non-existent. I do not have even a local backup of those files, as I no longer own the devices that most of that data was for. This is possibly my own fault…

About 18 months before I started actively posting on this website I only used it as an FTP drop off for files when I was restructuring my local storage (for those unable to read between the lines “online backup”) and at one point wiped the localized copies while playing around with some different configurations, including several types of RAID storage. At one point I realized that I had not used any of those files in 8+ months and decided to just let them sit online (in secured locations of course). Then about the time I started actively posting here I started pulling down specific categories of data and archiving it to DVDs, after some time I got bored doing that and stopped (I started with approx 300GB of data, and gave up with about 60GB left). That left over amount just sat there online these last couple of years, if I had removed that extra data, and kept my website backups cleaned up (I was storing 8 full site backups, not the data, just the posts and images associated with them), I was downloading them and storing them locally also, but had not been keeping the online copies cleaned up. all in all I cleaned around 80GB off the website after my hosting provider contacted me about my usage level. In my mind it is quite possible that I would not have been contacted at all if I had ever gotten that done previously.

so, as previously mentioned, I really have no one to blame but myself…

Moving on, I am currently enamored with an Android game (by a Google sub-group known as “Niantic Labs“) called Ingress. Apparently the entire project was something that a small group at Google created (one individual wanted to quit Google to do it on his own, but was talked into doing it in house instead, see the links below) and appear to basically have been given free reign to do whatever they want with it, unless some day Google comes out and says otherwise, that is as good as anything else I have heard explaining it. The entire project seems to be a giant conspiracy theory in and of itself, the basic premise is an augmented reality “game” think Capture the Flag meets Connect the Dots (only in triangles instead of squares), or possibly “Go”. Here are some places where you can learn more, if you decide to join up, you better play as Enlightened.

Keep an eye out, I will try to get my own New player help and Power Leveling guide posted soon. To the best of my knowledge the record is less than 24 hours for reaching max level, my guide will be more oriented to the person with few or no companions on their trip to L8.


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