Feb 6th, 2013 – Skyrim update – WTF!

so, big surprise today, I was finishing up work and my wife came storming in to the room demanding to know why the H E double hockey sticks the internet wasn’t working… I looked at my computer, as I Was not actively using it and my remote VPN connection to work is slower than single line DSL. What do I see? a 1.5GB freaking Skyrim update is downloading! that’s right, 1.5GB in the middle of the afternoon, well late afternoon.

So I looked right at my wife and said “I don’t know honey, let me take a look at it for a few minutes.” And then I spent the next 25 minutes setting a few windows services to delayed start up, uninstalling somethings from our old printer, then updating Java (which I would uninstall, but she needs it for her school work. My wife is finishing up her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition this year). I then returned it to her and said “Try it now.” with a big smile on my face.

So what in world did Bethesda decide they needed to update? and why did it take 1.5GB of data?

So far I don’t know, but the Steam “All News” page was blank, however the DragonBorn DLC is finally available, but it is $20 and unless they gave it to me for free, simply because I was logged on…

If it is the DLC, I’ll be pissed, because my RamDisk did not have the extra space available for the extra 4+GB it took after it was installed and I had to rearrange some things to get it on there. I also won’t be purchasing it until it drops under $10.

ok, I noticed this last night, and Erik posted a comment around the same time I noticed it… Apparently Bethesda posted the High Res texture pack #3. Thanks for the link Erik.


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