Jan 22nd 2013

wow, long time no see! Lots has changed, lots to talk about, I will be posting a couple of quick welcome page posts here, to break some of it up. But let’s get started now!

Ok, so to start I made a few purchases lately, I bought MediaMonkey 4 Gold lifetime license, and it crashes my computer if try to do anything fun while it scans my media library, but at least it can handle the number of files and has some great features. :)

ok, so that last bit was not so interesting… time to move on!

I’ve also picked up some new system Ram, bumped my computer with G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900) Desktop Memory Model F3-1866C10Q-32GXL. And I just have to say me likey!

That brings me right into the next purchase I made, AMD Radeon RAMDisk. Now the software is free, unless you want to use more than 4GB in your RAMDisk (working fine on my media server which only has 8GB anyway), then you either have to have Radeon branded RAM (good luck finding any worth buying and you only get bumped to 6GB max), or buy a license. Look for my next main post which is all about what I am doing with these two purchases.

Beyond that, things are moving along in life, a couple of very not pleasant family issues occured over the holidays, but like everything else in life, if you don’t move ahead, well… you don’t move ahead. Or, to quote a very well known phrase from The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion, “Keep Moving.”


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