July 16th 2011

I’ve been doing a bit of work lately,

  1. I have a new Rom installed on my HTC Evo, the MikG 2.3 Rom with Sense 2.1+3.0
  2. All my apps are reinstalled, but not yet configured, Thank you Titanium Backup for helping with that, just bought the Pro License, a bit pricey, but’ll just eat at home this week!

  3. I’ve added the poorly placed in the top left corner Google +1 button to the site
  4. It was either that or the bottom left… haven’t figured out where else to put it with this theme, but I’m looking.

  5. I am going to flash a new Rom on my Notion Ink Adam here in about three hours
  6. I have to go mow the lawn first, it looks so bad I’ve started singing “Welcome to the Jungle” every time I go outside!

  7. Finally got my Xbox 360 setup so I can get audio and video on my PC monitor (HD TV) and my TV
  8. Video has been working for a couple of months, but I couldn’t find the adapter I needed to do the audio, so I bought another yesterday, paid too much for that too..

  9. Reimaged my laptop, three times… still having issues with it, going to have to spend most of tomorrow on it I fear
  10. Finally ordered a replacement fan for the top of my Thermaltake PC case, it has been acting up for about 12 months now!
  11. I hope it fits, the manufacturer claims they are 230mm fans in there now, but when I measured it with my tape measure it was only 203mm (fan size) and about 214mm from end to end of the case opening and I’m afraid I’ll have to remove the Motherboard to replace it…

  12. Not to mention a bunch of housework

So, deal with the Google +1 button where it is, I’ll probably not get around to moving it for 3 -12 months (I say that as I have a baby due in less than 4 months), I’ll try and get another 5 or so Android apps posted up this week, a write-up on my Evo and Adam Roms, and maybe I’ll even finally get pictures put up for the apps pages! I did take 383 screen shots on my Adam using the ShootMe app, but they all came out as blank black screens… so I’ll try again later. I’ve also added and updated my Notion Ink Adam Roms page, a LOT the last week or so, now make sure you head over and take a look! Doubt I’ll do the same for my Evo though, as they seem to have things well in hand on their own.


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