Castle Crusade

Castle Crusade is a very fun, very simple game that does not have very good graphics, they look poor on my HTC Evo, but look even worse on my Notion Ink Adam. The game has achievements and 7 upgrades that can be purchased 4 or 5 times between levels, also the game comes with three difficulty levels and 10 small levels to play on. Only issue I have is it always wants me to view the tutorial every time I load the app… The goal is to gather resources (lumber) to upgrade your troops and build catapults to destroy your enemies castle before they destroy yours. Some levels also give you the opportunity to capture towers that build archers to further assault your enemies. The towers offer even more upgrades for your units (none of these upgrades carry over from level to level). It is an interesting twist on a “tower defense” style game. This game is also available to play as a flash game on your computer.

Peter Whitmarsh
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