July 12th 2011

I am having php code errors with my most recent post on installing and configuring HP Deskjet printers in Ubuntu 10.10 x64, searching online has lead me to believe that the page with the error has been hacked, as it is a .php file that is part of a plugin that has not been updated by me in several months. I’ll get it working here in a bit, but first I’ll need to modify some security on the website. Sorry for any inconveniences.


**** Update ****
Ok, the issue was relatively simple, after checking the file in the error and not finding anything, I checked my page code and found a typo on one of the lines. After fixing the typo it resolved the issue, I even went to the home page for the plugin that was having the issue and found several users having this issue in the last month or so, kind of amusing…


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