Armored Defense II

Armored Defense II is a very fun game, I’ve spent countless hours (= more than 40, mostly because I switched from my HTC Evo to the Notion Ink Adam as my primary game playing location) playing this game, absolutely love it! 9 different difficulties, 3 per “group”, rankings achieved for not allowing any units to clear the map after 5 consecutive waves, default tower levels increase as you rank up, and carry over, even at the start of a new game (as long as it is the same map and level group), acceptable graphic levels, looks ok on my Notion Ink Adam, and pretty darn good on my Evo. One of my biggest complaints is also a feature (and most likely was a bug fix too), occasionally one of your towers (located on tracks only) will just disappear between waves and the money you spent on it (including upgrades) will be given back, maybe if there was a sound effect and a flashing cursor or something to indicate where it happened, I’d be less bothered by it. One of the best things about the game (and without this it would be pretty unplayable), is that you can place towers while the game is paused, in fact there are some things you can only place while the game is paused (tracks and land mines, before you get your hopes up, the land mines are how this game manages slow towers, they don’t go boom!)

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