Hex Defense

Hex defense, a bit retro with the Graphics (just a step above PewPew), but amazingly fun Defense game, with lots of maps that have slows, speed ups, health minus and health plus spaces (all in Hex) for the enemy units to walk on, and you to deal with! When I first got the game every level was limited to 20 waves, the game would install but never load on my Notion Ink Adam, while working perfectly on my HTC Evo. A couple of updates later (there have been at least 4 since I got the game some time in May/early June) I tested it on my Adam again, and it launched and runs perfectly. some of the updates added Achievements, removed the wave limit on the maps (at least I have not gotten far enough to find a cap on any of them), added some new levels and a few other tweaks. However the graphics do not scale well to the 10.1″ screen on my Adam, a bit disappointing considering what little there is to them. Different enemy units are weak/strong against different tower types too. There is a fast forward button too, and you can make the next wave start sooner by taping the Hex they originate from.

A couple of things I would like to see in future versions:

  1. More detailed upgrades – currently you don’t know what your towers can do, or what they receive when upgraded.
  2. Information about which units are weaker or stronger against certain towers.
  3. Improved graphics – it looks fantastic on my Evo, then when played on the Adam it looks like I’ve dropped into 8bit Nintendo on a 65″ TV world.
  4. Sometimes when I try to select a Hex it picks the wrong one (ok, so most of the time), it seems like I have to touch slightly below the one I want, which is actually a good thing, if you know in advance, but since no other game does this, it is hard to remember, it also makes it hard to select the Hexs on the bottom row (especially on my Adam where they are sometimes covered by the buy/upgrade options).
  5. A preview of the map before starting the game, since there are 20 levels it would be nice to see what they look like before starting them!
  6. A global high score board would be nice also, there are many options out there that you can just link your game to without having to create your own. Although none of them are integrated into any social system, it would be nice if Google+ allowed you to see high scores from people in your circles and made the API’s available to Devs… just thinking out loud here…

Something I really like about the game that no other tower defense game I have played will let you do: place a tower when an enemy is already in the square, once that unit passes through all remaining units have to go around the tower from then on. Also that there are so many levels! I don’t play this game as often as other games, but I know there is always a level to play that keeps me from ever being bored with the game.

Gotow.net http://
AppBrain link – Free http://www.appbrain.com/app/hexdefense/com.gotow.hexdefensefree
AppBrain link – Paid http://www.appbrain.com/app/hexdefense/com.gotow.hexdefense

Marketplace direct DL links

     Free Version      Paid Version
 - Free Version- QR code for Android  - Paid version - QR code for Android


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