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last updated December 15th 2013

All links are permanently down,

I am sorry to say that after a good long run, all files were forcibly removed from my website by my webhost. Apparently the storage array I was hosted on was low on space, and they did an audit of all the sites on it and went through and analyzed the files there. There seems to be a clause in my hosting agreement wherein “file sharing” and “personal file storage” are forbidden. All files were delete pertaining to this device and all other Android devices that I had shared.

I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause some people, I do not even have a local backup of the files as I cleared my local copy off after I sold my Adam. I wish those of you still using this awesome and ground breaking Tablet the best of luck. I just wish there had been more devices made by Notion Ink as I still miss the ability to switch to eink mode and despise constantly hunting for a charger to keep my large screen devices running.


added cm10, aokp 4.1.2, and aosp 4.2.1, shortened the webpage by replacing all archived links with a single link to the archive folder.

I have made available here on my website a mirror for a significant number of Roms to install on the Adam, including the Stock images and updates. I just decided it might make sense to post their links on my website, since I am mirroring them here. clicking on the name of the mod will take you to the forum on where the developer is posting updates and answering questions. Please click the links for installation instructions, support, and to check for newer versions, I cannot guarantee I have the newest updates, but I will try. I have not virus scanned any of these, I have not unpacked/repacked any of these, the only files I even renamed were ones with the default name “” as you cannot have 20 files called and expect your hair not to fall out! The only promise I can give is that I won’t take these files down unless the developers ask me to do so! Any changes I might make for my own use will never be posted on this page, I will make a separate post if I decide to ever do that, to avoid confusion.

Again, this is just a mirror location, not the official or original site for any of these Roms. Nor am I affiliated with any of the developers, besides being a poster on some of the same forums. Just trying to help preserve the history of these Roms, and provide an additional location to gain access to them.

First off I want to post this link to and their page for working on Honeycomb on the Notion Ink Adam. If anyone reading this has any Kernel development experience, they need just a bit of help and the Rom will be completely working for everyone! So go here to help out if you can.

The official “How to update your Adam” PDF file from Notion Ink Design Labs.
The official “User Manual” PDF file from Notion Ink Design Labs.
The official “Notion Ink Adam Kernel” (most of the internal files, of the zip, have a modified date of January 12th 2011), released by NI on April 29th.

Jelly Bean
all thanks for these Jelly Bean files go to Borkata, without whom the Adam might not be getting any more updates.

CM10 for ADAM + CWM Recovery
CM10 beta 3.0 wifi only
CM10 beta 3.0 3G model
archived versions

CM10.1 for ADAM
CM10.1 alpha 1 – 3G only
archived versions – the alpha version is located here

AOKP 4.1.2 beta 2.0 wifi only
AOKP 4.1.2 beta 2.0 3G model
flashable lock screen issue fix
archived versions

AOSP Android 4.2.1 for ADAM
AOSP 4.2.1 beta 1 wifi only
AOSP 4.2.1 beta 1 3G model
archived versions

Google Apps – latest

Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich

AdamComb – a Vegan/Adam hybrid of HoneyComb
AdamComb v0.30
archived versions

AdamComb v0.30 + DJ STEVE CWM 4.0 PQ 3G
AdamComb v0.30 + DJ STEVE CWM 4.0 PQ WIFI
AdamComb v0.30 + DJ STEVE CWM 4.0 LCD 3G
AdamComb v0.30 + DJ STEVE CWM 4.0 LCD WIFI

the Beast Rom
Beast v2.2.1
archived versions

Beasty Rom – a Beast remix
Beasty OC’d to 1.5GHz with Clemsyn V3
archived versions

Cell Standby Removal
note on this one, I just put my device in airplane mode. changed it from losing 36% in 8 hours of standby to losing 24% in 8 hours on standby (both EdenX 2.4 and Beast Rom 2.2 and 2.2.1), so use it if you want to, some people have reported side effects.

ClockWork Mod for The Notion Ink Adam
Clockwork Mod 2.5.18
Clockwork Mod 3.0.14
Clockwork mod – Gtab version
(use these at your own risk, they have caused issues for many people, find out why here.) Instructions found here.

CPU speed changer
Pimp my CPU 3.0 by Cpasjuste (if you like it there is a donate version in the market)
just a note, this is designed to work with specific Kernels, if it does nothing of FC’s on you, go to the XDA linked page and read the posts! This requires specific things built in to the Kernel to function.

Cromnia – a Beast remix
Cromnia Beta3 (file renamed to remove special characters for compatibility and easy of use)
Cromnia Beta3 OC’d to 1.5GHz with Clemsyn Kernel (file renamed to remove special characters for compatibility and easy of use)

EdenX Rom
EdenX Alternate Kernels
EdenX 2.7.1 LCD 3G ***BETA
EdenX 2.7.1 PQi wifi ***BETA

EdenX 2.7.1 mirrors
EdenX 2.7.1 LCD wifi
EdenX 2.7.1 LCD 3G
EdenX 2.7.1 PQi wifi
EdenX 2.7.1 PQi 3G
EdenX 2.7.1 LCD 3G – update July 5th 2011
EdenX 2.7.1 PQi 3G – update July 3rd 2011

archived versions

GPS Fix files
Mr. Guy’s GPS Fix
AdamGPS.apk – source files
GPStester.zipNotion Ink testing app

LCD Density Changer
LCD Density Changer v5.4 (renamed to remove the spaces)

Notion Ink Adam Stock Roms and Updates

These are the NI Roms that I have gotten from the NIH website (mostly the unbricking website, except the one that was linked to XDA, I think, or maybe that was the Adam Stock Apps… I get confused, a lot…). I have posted them for safe keeping in case other sources disappear, and to make they are available when/if I need them. For the Honeycomb Roms, I have started numbering them 1.0, 1.1… this is not any official numbering and I think I missed one, we will call that one 0.90 if I ever find it/decide to put it up here.

Notion Ink Adam Honeycomb Rom 1.1 (July 5th 2011) – includes the update

Notion Ink Adam Honeycomb Rom 1.0

***May 31st 2011 Eden 1.5 update files***
I have checked the contents and the file creation dates are May 31st between 9:25 and 11:00
note, I renamed these files, because NI called all of them “” to install without clockwork mod (which I thin kmost have stopped using) you will need to rename the file to before you flash it.

UnBricking – NVFlash
April 8th 2011 version


NVFlash files from Tablet Roms – unknown release dates/versions


Older versions (March 2011 release?)



Notion Ink Ripped Apps (from XDA site)

Performance Tweak Rom
March 10th 2011 build 1

PixelQi toggle app – from Mr. Guy

Red Aurora (Gingerbread Rom) – Pre-Beta
archived versions

Root – Market – Adhoc update

Utopia Beta 2

VEGAn Tab Rom

5.1.1 041011 mirror available
5.1.1 040411 mirror available

check back often for updates
***My semi-Official disclaimers***

  • I have not virus scanned any of these files
  • I have not unpacked any of these files
  • I have not repacked any of these files
  • I have not added anything to these files
  • The only files I have renamed are the ones that were called “”
  • I offer no support for these files
  • I take no responsibility for what you do with these files
  • I will maintain these files indefinitely, or until the rightful owners (=the developers) tell me to take them down
  • I do not throttle downloads on my site
  • I do not control download speeds on my site
  • I do not have a limited GB download per month on my site
  • I do not have Advertisements on my website, besides me posting links for places I obtain information from
  • My site doesn’t ask anyone for money
  • My site is only supported by me
  • I don’t have any web coding skills, so most things are text or built in features/plugins of WordPress
  • I write all the posts
  • I moderate all the comments
  • I do this because I am slightly obsessive compulsive and hate it when things I like or use “disappear” from the web and I can no longer find them
  • I talk too much, and this bleeds into my typing, if you had not noticed

If anyone has an issue or comment with any of this, feel free to comment here on my website, or by PM/email from tablet roms, understand I may just ignore you, or else I’ll just stop posting on that site at any time.

I do what I do for myself and no one else, but also have no problems sharing, so use me if you wish, or ignore me, it is your choice.


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