Unable to update my Notion Ink Adam

Having an issue since I tried to flash from Beast v2.2 to Beast 2.2.1, I don’t think it is Caused by Beast, but I did not have any issue previously and I have been through a couple of roms now… as a note I am using Ubuntu 10.10 x64 on my desktop and also have a laptop with U10.10 32-bit dual-booting into win7 x64, although I try to never boot into windows. I have a microSD to SD converter that I plug into a SD to USB converter to copy files to the card.

  1. I copied the file to my 32GB MicroSD
  2. restarted into recovery mode
  3. wiped the cache and data
  4. restarted again (had to boot into v2.2 and renamed it to update.zip, as I have not reinstalled Clockwork since I left EdenX)
  5. restarted into recovery mode again
  6. wiped the cache and data
  7. selected update from external SD
  8. after the update it hung on the new Android logo (I let it sit for 73 minutes before giving up)
  9. restarted into recovery mode again
  10. wiped the cache and data again
  11. restarted the Adam again
  12. same result

I tried redownloading the .zip file and trying again

  1. renamed the file first this time
  2. copied it to my 32GB Micro SD
  3. this time I added some .apk files to the apps folder to try and save some time reinstalling things
  4. restarted into recovery mode again
  5. wiped the cache and data again
  6. selected update from external SD
  7. update failed update.zip (BAD)
  8. took the Micros SD out again
  9. and put it in my desktop
  10. I tried to open the .zip file and it failed to open, “Error: /media/disk/update.zip: Can not open file as archive”

rinse and repeat four times, same issue every time. Always the same issue if I try to reboot too, with it hanging on the Android logo.

Just to test if it was my Ubuntu install corrupting the file transfer I tried it from the laptop in Windows, same results, exactly.

I’ve tested the .zip both before and after putting it in the Adam, every time the same, doesn’t matter if I put the card in my desktop, laptop with either OS. It is always good before I put it in the Adam (yes I tested by copying it on one computer and opening it on the other before putting it in the Adam), and Always bad after I take it out of my Adam.

Now, I still have the Beast v2.2 update.zip on the internal SD; however when I flash to it, the Adam reboots and then gets stuck on the Android logo (from the new v2.2.1 rom) as such is obviously still Beast v2.2.1 even after what appeared to be a successful flash.

**** update ****
two other notes,

  1. I do have and have tried, a 2GB microSD card. same results.
  2. I called the file update.zip.zip (by accident on the Win7 machine, hidden known file types) one time and the Adam said it could not find the file, then when I put it in my laptop again (in Win7) and tried to open the file to make sure it was still good, Windows prompted me to “insert the last disk of the Multi-Volume set” Again, this was on a zip file that was working when I took it out of the laptop, was not named update.zip and it still had the issue when I took it out of my Adam.

Because of #2 here in the update section, I tested this by placing other .zip files in the root of the micro SD, and all .zip files are corrupted after I put the card in my Adam.

****update 2****
I downloaded the Beastv2.2.1 Rom from my own mirror location, saved it to my 2GB MicroSD and put it in the Adam. Flashed perfectly and then said “BYE” and restarted, I ran out to return a red box movie right as it flashed “BYE” and when I came back it was still sitting on the “ANDROID” logo, so no go there. The Good news is that the update.zip file was not corrupted when I stuck it back in the Win7 machine. not sure what changed, but it was the first time the zip file came back ok. So I just tried powering the Adam back on normal. Sat on the ANDROID screen for 10 minutes before I gave up. Went back in and wiped the Data and Cache and rebooted again, my reward for diligence was 10 more minutes on the ANDROID logo. I do want to note at this time that all times it sat on the Android logo, from the first flashing, the logo WAS animated, it was not hung, more like the Adam was waiting on something. Also I want to note I have tried flashing clockwork on to try and see if it would help, but get the same results. I also tried rebooting without the MicroSD card inserted, no difference.

I’m going to try a different Rom and see if it makes any difference.

Well, I failed with Vegan Rom also…
I guess I need to setup ADB and do an unbrick
strange enough it always flashes the copied Beastv2.2 from the internal card with no issues, other than it still boots with the Gingerbread Android Logo and gets stuck on it forever…

**** Update 3 ****
Stranger things have happened, I plugged my Adam into the Laptop while Win7 was booted and the Adam was trying to boot into something, and it recognized it, added 4 devices to my computer, including one called “Harmony” which I had to use the unbricking USB Driver to recognize, it turned into Android Debug Device after that… It did mount the storage device; however, I was not able to open it, it just told me to insert a disk. I will start the unbricking process in the morning, as I am tired now and don’t want to make any stupid mistakes.

Ok, so it is a new day, and I have successfully restored my Adam to the way it was when they shipped it to me.
As an fyi, my Adam normally boots with a white background, black text “Notion Ink” additionally in the recovery options it says:

  • reboot system now
  • apply internal sdcard:update.zip
  • apply external sdcard:update.zip
  • wipe data/cache
  • wipe cache partition
  • calibrate touch screen

I flashed with the unbricking file windows_PQ, it took about 2 minutes to complete, and my adam now has a white text, black background notion ink logo, and #4 in the recovery window says “wipe data/factory reset” and is stuck on the adam boot screen loop.

I am right now doing both wipe steps and rebooting again…
And my adam started up without issue.

**** update ****
I have (just for fun) checked for updates on my adam, while it was in stock mode and there was one available. I downloaded it, and it is a 81.48 MB file, I have copied it to a usb stick, just in case, and will put the results here after it runs. (not sure what to expect, as I am currently on NIP20040211.

**** after update ****
I got my black Notion ink logo on a white background back, and am now on build NIP20140211, kernel 2.6.32, Android v2.2, it remembered my wifi security key… and now reports my adam is up to date and the update file has disappeared from my internal memory and my external SD…

Now for fun, I am going to try and install clockwork and then the exact same Beastv2.2.1 file that I tried the first time that got me in this mess…

hmmm… every time I copy (or rename) the clockwork.zip file to update.zip using sniffer, if turns into an empty folder named update, which disappears if I switch to another filesystem (ie go to USB or SD2, then back to the internal SD), but if I try to copy it again, it tells me the file already exists…

I am having the same issue if I try to rename and save the file from my desktop or laptop as I was having originally. So at this point I have a Notion Ink Adam that looks, runs and functions exactly like it did when I received it. Which in my mind is not at all. Now I am stuck, I cannot get my Adam to switch to another Rom, I cannot install anything via the update.zip method.

******************* UPDATE ******************
This issue has been resolved and within about 5 minutes I have found the problem and fixed it and I am preparing now to reflash my Adam to my modified Beast v2.2.1

The problem was caused by Beast v2.2.1 dropping LauncherPro as an installed home launcher, and only including VTL.Launcher (which I cannot stand, personally I think the weird floating shortcuts on the sides are abominable!) So, I’ve installed Launcher Pro from the market, and backed it up with Titanium Backup and copied the backups to my MicroSD, that I’ll transfer into my modified Beast Rom and attempt to install again.

******************* FINAL UPDATE!!! **********************
This issue was caused by a counterfeit Kingston 32GB micro SDHC class 6 – according to the Kingston website, the 32GB micro SDHC is not manufactured in class 6


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