Notion Ink Adam – more app testing

I have been using the EdenX Rom continuously at this point and have tested many apps while using it, most with success, although not always perfectly. Also I have noticed a lot of apps do not launch well, I have to start them several times before anything happens, and apps that require internet access will not load at all, they flash on the screen very fast, maybe 300-600 milliseconds and then right back to the app launcher (learned this the hard way). Well, on with the list! It is a bit longer than the previous one, so I may not get this posted for a few days, then I will work on the Android apps page and try to get all of these apps listed there with download links to the Google Market and the Amazon market.

  • Akinator
    • This app is absolutely awesome, it can tell you who you are thinking of in an average of 20 questions. While there is room for improvement, as it frequently asks the same or similar question over again, and even goes so far to ask the opposite of a question you already answered in the affirmative. It did guessed me, my dog, characters from books I read when I was a kid (not the main character either), Felix the Cat (the first “person” ever on TV), Blu the bird from the new Angry Birds game: Rio, Cindy Brady, even The Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown! and several others I tried, some times it had to guess more than once and some times I gave it wrong answers, but it always got them. There is even an option to edit the character’s name if not quite right, and add a picture if there is not one. the background image stretches to fit the screen, and the objects on screen are set to “top right” “top left” and “bottom” so it looks a bit funny, but works great (was a bit slow loading questions, but I think it is a problem I have been having with my wifi lately and not the app). It does play upside down in portrait
  • AndExplorer
    • my favorite file explorer for Android, although it does not show the sdcard2 and usb drive unless you go into the sdcard and then go up a level (I think the start screen is just bookmarks, you should be able to add them to that list, I just have not tried. No visible issues with formatting for the screen.
  • Anytime Pool
    • installed fine, will not load at all, pops up on the screen for about 800 milliseconds then goes away.
  • Bank of America App
    • installed in EdenX, so there is hope, but will not launch, I got the accept and decline option with a properly displayed user license, but after I clicked accept it went away and I could not get it to relaunch at all.
  • Armored Defense II
    • Looks good, plays great, just a bit skewed on the graphics and a touch low on the resolution for the graphics, but completely playable, one of the better tower defense games out there. Just make sure you are online when you first run it, it has to phone home and activate.
  • Backbreaker
    • no good here, it installed, it launched, some of the graphics did not load at all, it was completely unplayable, you could only see the outline of the player, and I had no idea where the opponents were. Had a good time playing this on my Evo it’s fun, easy to play, and something you can do with only a couple of minutes of spare time.
  • Baseball Superstars 2011
    • Plays great, absolutely no issues; however I haven’t played 2010, I had a great time playing the 2009 version, but I do not understand the changes they made in the 2011 edition, I cannot bat any longer, they changed the batting system and I cannot figure out to control the swing
  • Castle Crusade
    • will not launch, this is a shame, as I loved playing it on my HTC Evo
  • Castle Warriors
    • Fantastic Game, I played it straight through the campaign without getting up from my seat once. I just wish there was some elements of RPG in it, something that got better or at least carried over between levels. The lack of such greatly reduces replay value, maybe needs some upgraded graphics a touch, but it works without it
  • Dungeon Hunter HD
    • Another great Android game, and a special HD version, although it could use some increased polygons. But looks pretty darn good, no lag but I do have three issues, the character’s “light source” is not working very well me thinks, as it looks crappy and barely lights up the area the player character stands in. The second issue was the controls, it appears you have an 8 way virtual control stick; although I can almost never get the diagonals to work, am often stuck walking into walls while pushing the opposite way on the controller. And finally, the auto targeting is a bit funny, you can be surrounded by 4-6 enemies and your guy tries to go running off to attack another enemy that isn’t even on the screen yet, completely ignoring the other enemies.
  • Dungeon Defenders HD
    • All I can say is Wow, this has to be the best tower defense game conceived. I have not really run into any major game play or graphical issues, although I cannot beat the 4th wave in the first mission, “Deep well” even though my character is now level 4. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to quit levels early and keep all that was earned on the levels completed. It even has a tablet “mode” you can turn on in the options menu, although it started with it turned on by default after installing on my Adam *** update *** significantly past that level, learned the hard way you can use multiple characters to set the traps between waves; however you are still stuck with just one character during the level. Thankfully any character can repair another’s traps.
  • Finger Physics
    • mostly works, it is playable, although there are some big black squares on screen, and the game does not stretch to fit, so you can see exactly how the graphics were designed. not made for larger display, but if you really like the game, it will work. personally not one of my favorites. it is one of those that you play once or twice and get rid of.
  • Grave Defense
    • installs and runs well, graphics are below sub-par and even look bad on my HTC Evo, the play field pans and actually goes farther than the actual map. This is not good, as once you go past the edge of the playing field the graphics mess up. I’d recommend skipping this one until they do a graphical overhaul. The devs do a great job adding new content and keeping this game alive, but if they don’t improve the graphics then I don’t see this app lasting into the new era of high res devices.
  • HiFiCorder
    • Like many of the Android Apps I have tested on my Adam, this one launches, allows me to accept the license agreement, then loads the app and disappears, attempting to re-launch it gives you a few thousand milliseconds to glimpse the app and then it is gone again. For all of these apps, I really do not think it is the app itself that causes this; however it is the Eden user interface or the chosen launcher that is causing it. I think part of the problem is that there seems to be no way to “hold down the home button” to get your last 6 or 8 apps to appear on screen so you can go back to them, this is one of the most used features of Android for me and will be the reason I leave EdenX. I’ll try to remember to check some of these apps on another rom to see if they work better (many of these are not apps I regularly use and only installed to test them on my Adam)
  • Homerun Battle 3D
    • looks good and plays fine, if you can figure out how to use the sideways accelerometers. I could get it to move up and down, but not side to side.
    • PewPew2
      • installs and runs great, I don’t really understand this game and cannot complete even the second level, I guess it is just not for me, looks good and works fine on my Adam though.
      • Platinum Sudoku
        • also installs and runs fine, but is forced to a very small display in portrait mode. It looks to me to be about 320×480, game play is great though all functions worked.
        • Prince of Persia
          • only seems to work in landscape mode 480×320 and runs about 5x normal speed, pretty amusing to play, but completely worthless as you cannot get past the first level or so without falling in a hole.
          • Sound Hound
            • No issues here, it even figured out that I was attempting to sing I love rock and roll, in falsetto, quietly… not quiet enough, as I did get a couple of funny comments after I finished.
            • X Construct
              • playable although the graphics are poor and the screen is zoomed in really close without the ability to zoom out any, also although the menu will rotate between portrait and landscape mode for the level select, nothing can be done in the game after you start a level. Additionally, the start button to send the train across your bridge is sometimes located on top of the battery button that is used to minimize the task bar.
              • Zenonia 2
                • no issues here, all looks and seems to work good, actually had a pretty good time playing it on my Adam.
              • Solitaire megapack
                • I did not even realize this was installed! I accidentally ran it while trying to swipe through my app list to try and get to something else at the time. It runs great though and is fully loaded with what seems to be close to 100 variations on solitaire. Good stuff here, will definitely keep this for boredom. Also has the ability to upload your character save to their servers, so you can download it again after a Rom flash, or even to another device. The only issue is that the download wipes any saves you currently have on that device, and it deletes the save from the device when you upload the saves.

                well, it took me a week to get through all of these apps that I had not yet tested and to get this written up, but I’m done, so here it is! Next I’ll get to work on the app pages and get the links to the markets put up. then I’ll come back and add links in to this and my previous post.


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