Notion Ink Adam – observations

So, I’ve been messing around with my Adam for a while now and have noticed some things, many people have already noticed these things; however I am new to tablets and all my Android devices are still stock non-rooted (can’t afford to replace them if I screw it up!), as a List, currently in my home are an HTC Evo, and HTC Evo Shift, a Samsung Moment, and my Notion Ink Adam.

Things I have noticed, some are specific to the Adam, I think…

  1. most apps are written for really tiny resolution screens! I cannot even imagine it! The Adam is not super high res to begin with! The two worst apps I have seen so far are Gem Miner and Fruit Ninja! Makes me wonder if people realize that there are cell phones with greater than 900×500 resolution! (see the Meizu M9 which has a 3.5″ 640×960 display) These apps seem to be written for 320×240 pixel displays
  2. I believe my Notion Ink Adam had a faulty OS install
    • When trying to switch to the Pixel Qi mode, it does switch, but also locks the screen and immediately goes to sleep… If I figure out that I am doing it wrong, you may see me demonstrating the correct way on YouTube in the near future, but right now the only way I know how is to quickly press and release the power button and the display goes B&W and then locks and then shuts off, in about 2.5 seconds. I tried getting the Pixel Qi switch app, but I couldn’t figure out how to use it before I nuked the stock Rom! I did take my Adam out in the sun and I was able to see it just the same (very sunny and direct on the screen) as when I was standing in side just seconds before (yes it was still in color when outside), so the auto-brightness must help a lot! Ok, I am a retard, apparently the PQi change button is a long press on the search button (go figure! I swear Rohan did it with a touch to the power switch in the videos), it works great, cannot believe I was standing in direct bright sunlight without using the PQi and could see the screen fine! I’ll have to test that again…
    • I was not able to utilize any widgets, or airplane mode
    • Eden Leaves would close themselves if I entered a full screen app and then exited that app by pressing the home key, all the leaves would close, after installing another app that could work as a home screen (Android Mate), anytime I pressed the home key and selected the Eden home screen, all Leaves would be closed.
    • I’ve installed the Clockwork Mod, quick, easy, painless. it was the first time I have messed with an Android device in any way other than installing apps! I made a backup of my installation and that was about it! About 36 hours later I nuked my data and cache off the device, then formatted my internal SD, as it still had stuff on it, and restored from the restore partition.
    • I then went to install EdenX, and when I went to shutdown I noticed I had an option to use airplane mode! maybe that would have helped with the cell standby eating >73% of my battery… who knows, didn’t stick around long enough to figure it out. I did try to initiate a change to the Pixel Qi display, but no dice (this was before I figured out how to do it right).
  3. well, Now I am waiting on EdenX to install, not looking good… I verified that Clockwork was gone, copied the EdenX files to the internal SD, and have been sitting staring at the little 3D’ish android guy for at least 10 minutes if not 25, I think it only took 3 – 5 minutes to restore stock… ok I’ve waited an hour, still the same. Pressing home took me back to the menu where it said failed to mount sd, ok, so I am a dumbass, I have only used the Clockwork mod when in recovery mode before, so I did not realize I needed to use the power button to start the process… well actually I forgot, I did read that part of the instructions. Again it took about 3.5 minutes and there was an image of a box with an arrow coming out of it. I’ll try and get a pick next time.
  4. The pretty white border around the Adam (shown also in red online, but not available) appears to be a sticker, thinner than electrical tape. Or it has a clear “sticker” over it, as there appears to be a bubble on the corners (maybe it is a shipping protection cover, but I am not willing to try and remove it!)
  5. Good news, my Adam camera does “lock” there is a definitive click when it reaches the full front or rear position and it takes a minor amount of effort to move it again.
  6. There is a “back” button on the right hand side of the device (in landscape mode), not really sure why, but I think it may come in handy once I get the thing setup the way I want it!
  7. The screen protector makes only a small difference in the glare, I don’t really think it is matte, not at all what was shown by Rohan on the blog. Oh and I recommend installing it sideways (landscape instead of portrait top down), as it will be easier to see if you are putting it on crooked! $10 to get another, just in case. ****update – Tactus has lowered their price to just $5 to get a replacement protector (although, since it is on shipping is $6.75)
  8. I am loving EdenX, although it kept somethings from the Stock Rom I was not crazy about (some of the preinstalled apps, the crappy notification bar…), it runs much better, more responsive to touch, faster, allows widgets, multiple home screens, a real app launcher, and is much closer to what I was expecting out of the Box. I was even able to install my previously purchased Android Apps from the Android market, yes EdenX provides the Android market. Not sure when I’ll get around to trying another Rom, but for now, I am happy with EdenX! Only change I need to make is to disable the Cell Standby, that sucker is eating up >73% of my battery…


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