Recent computer hardware changes and future plans

right, so headed in a different direction with this post, I have made several updates/changes to my home computing setup since last I posted about it, and have decided it is time to do something about that. Currently I am setup and using the following:

PC components

external RAID enclosure

now not all of the HDD models are exact, I tried to pick the ones that were right, but I know I have one WD that ends in AACS, although that might be my 500GB PATA in my external WD case… The Radeon 4890 had a cooling fan failure so I replaced it with a 29.4 cfm case cooling fan that I epoxied onto the outer hard plastic cover (would not have fit inside anyway…) I think that ought to keep it cool… :)

ok, so all was purchased from except the video card, which I actually got on Craig’s list for $60 (he was asking $75 I believe) nice guy, also an HTC Evo owner and friended me on facebook, although that is the only time we have talked… Anyway, the Rosewill case and the 2TB HDD were holiday presents to myself in early Jan, the 1.5 TB I got last spring, the Radeon and 8GB RAM (upgraded from 4GB) I bought this past summer, most of the rest I got in may of 2009. Currently, the first list is what is in my case, the second list is all in the RAID enclosure (not running any for of RAID on the box, just using it so I do not have to keep the drives in the V9 for now). (getting used to these shortcuts on this cr-48 notebook, starting to enjoy using it more!)

Ok, so I am running Ubuntu 10.10 on the 250GB drive, with both mine and my wife’s home drives mounted from partitions on the RAID enclosure, my music folder is on the WD green 500GB drive, which is then bind mounted on to my wife’s music folder, so we share the same files (I’ve been working on setting up labels in Guayadeque (the music player I am using, more on that later) to separate out her music, so she doesn’t have to listen to mine on random play). The 500GB Black edition drive is my Windows 7 installation I Was using last year. Then ll my data is stored on the 2TB and 1.5TB drives, with the Virtual machines spread across the 1.5TB and the 2TB drives, I am looking into another 2TB drive to replace either the Win7 Drive or the other 500GB and to spread the VM’s a bit more as I am finding myself using at least 2 VMs that are on the same drive simultaneously. Although right now I am not having space issues, I am having CPU issues with frequent 100% 100% 100% 100% showing across all cores. The good news is AMD just dropped prices a little on their 6 core CPUs, hopefully that means they have a new family launching soon, I haven’t been keeping up with the news that much lately. If a new family is coming out this year (unless they are 8 core AMD CPU’s I’ll pick up a 6 core when the price goes down again (again my current MB supports 6 core phenoms, another selling point when I bought it), or I catch them on special on newegg. Right now the 1100 is $239, when it hits $199 I’ll snatch one up. That should give a nice boost to my VM’s, although at that point I might be running low on RAM and need to pick up another 8 or 16GB of DDR3 (thankfully my MB supports 32GB, although that was the deciding factor when I chose it).

Last on my upgrade list will be a 100GB BD burner so I can make an easily store-able backup of all my data (which by that time will be so outdated I could delete most of it…), by that time there should be 100GB Blue Ray discs, so it won’t take too many to do it. I’ll make two sets and mail one off to my parents on the other side of the country, any changes after that I could probably do an incremental on DVD’s…


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