Google Chrome OS CR-48 netbook

While there are blizzards going on in some parts of the country, it is 70 degrees and sunny here in South Carolina. I have the back door open, the windows opened, and I was in the kitchen making a fresh pot of coffee at about 1:34pm when this occurred…

Knock Knock…
Who’s there?
UPS who?
UPS is at your door with a Chrome OS notebook, come get it or I’m taking it home!

This is how my afternoon started…

December 7th 2010 I caught this post over at ZDNet…

I followed the link and signed up as an individual, not a business. I have not heard a think since I submitted the application (nothing new, I’ve never won anything in my life, except contests where everyone wins…) So let me say the first thing that came out of my mouth when I started opening the package was “Damn, I think I just shit my pants.”

Below are pictures I have taken of the packaging and contents, and some videos of turning the notebook on (which by the way I did not have to hit the power button like the instructions said).

I have noticed so far that if you let it sit after 1-3 minutes the display dims, then after 1 or 2 more minutes it goes to sleep., but about the time when the screen dims, but has not yet done so, if you try to move the mouse there is a second or two before it responds, as if it is setup to allow the touchpad to be shut down to conserve power.

A quick overview of the startup, which you can watch on the videos…
I took it out of the box, popped the battery in, flipped it open and the Chrome logo was on the screen by the time I had it open all the way. The first message was to connect to my network, then it checked for updates, spent a good 10 minutes updating (wifi N (if it used it) and a 15MB down 4MB up internet connection). After the update it rebooted and I went to log in again, but it had forgotten my network passkey… which is when it displayed a popup that offline mode failed. I re-entered my passkey and it was back online right away (there was an option for verizon wireless, but I did not want to activate that yet, as it is only 100MB per month for free, for 24 months though! With an option for $9.99 unlimited per day…).

videos are now available, I’ll apologize in advance for the quality, I am not a video editor, nor do I have video equipment, but there are just somethings that pictures and words can not adequately portray.

I apparently have forgotten how to embed the videos, will resolve this shortly.


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