Sprint HTC Evo 4G review, part 5

This will be the last post of my first review on the HTC Evo, for now…  not really a summary of things previously said, but more of a last couple of things I have noticed or wanted to mention in my post.

The phone feels light and good in my hands, I have had several people mention how light it feels, only to place the Evo in one hand and their phone in the other and then say “Oh my! it is actually heavier than my phone!”  this of course has to do with density, a larger phone with the weight spread out will feel lighter, when you do not have a direct comparison, than it actually is.
The display is a super fingerprint magnet, if you touch it, there will be a finger print left behind.  I have tried everything I can think of and I always leave a print.  this makes the idea of a lock code for the phone to be a ridiculous time waster, if you turn your phone on to do something quick, like check the notifications, or a widget, then turn it off, leave it, and someone else picks it up, it would take a very stupid person to not be able to figure out your passcode.
I also have a problem with the apps that feel they have to autorun, or startup services in the background, for no reason, even worse are the ones I just installed and have never run that feel the need to start themselves.  An example, I have a fitness app that shows exercises, has them categorized, and has video animations of how to perform them.  This app loads its’ services all the time, no matter how many times I kill it (I even have an auto task killer that is set to nuke it as well, and when you connect via USB to a computer and select to mount the SD card, this service fails and you have to FC because it cannot access the SD card anymore.  I have restarted my phone 6 or 7 times since the last time I ran that app and it still loads all the time.  now let me clarify, the app is not running in the task list, the SERVICE is running in the background, the app does absolutely nothing, besides list a database of workout exercises and mini animations that show how to do them, that is it, no way to log what you do, nothing else.  I wish Android would prevent apps from doing this, I am also really tired of seeing Sprint NFL or NASCAR, or TV running when I check my Advanced Task Killer, I have never and will never run those applications.
I would like to know if anyone has found out if they are called from a chron job? as that would be a darn good reason to root the phone…
Overall the HTC Evo 4G is a very quick and responsive device, except when the system available memory for running programs is less than 50megs.  I know that unless I am installing apps (which means my lookout is scanning them for viruses/spyware and my phone will be running slow), that if my phone’s performance has dropped, that I need to go kill the Sprint apps and whatever else has decided to autorun/load in the background.
I can turn my phone on at any time and I will find the following (in)active apps:
google voice
appbrain app market
voice dialer
apps organizer
gesture search
voice search
batterytime lite
mp3 store
vlc remote
body fitness
sound manager
HTC Message Uploader
HTC Sense
BlueTooth Share
my Uploads
Open Sense Plugin Manager
Startup auditor
com.smithmicro.dm (need to find out what this is)
any of the last 5 or 10 apps I have manually run
and of course ATK, as that is what I am using to view this… Although I always kill ATK when I am done.  (just found out about and stareted using “system” and I love it, try this instead of ATK!)
giving available memory less than 45megs, this is not a good thing if I am going to run 2 or 3 apps as it takes the system a couple of seconds to kill enough apps to make room for whatever I am loading up
now when I load up Advanced Task Manager it shows me more…
I have 3 references for “maps”
slideIT keyboard is running  (uninstalled, replaced by SWYPE)
HTC checkin service
those are also running, the nice thing about ATM is that I can look at running services too, and system services on separate tabs.
I think Google needs to start monitoring apps that are put on the market place and providing some quality control, not content control, but make sure apps don’t have STICK FIGURES!!! also make sure all apps have a settings screen that allows the user to choose if they want it to be able to auto-load, or if the app can run in the background, or if it has to be suspended to disk (the way Apple manages it’s apps, when you leave an app it is suspended and the ram it was using is saved to a file so that when you launch it again it appears to be exactly the way you left it, or it completely exits).  You should also be able to take any app and tell it “when I say quit, you quit, and don’t do anything again until I ask you to!”
I really like the “link” system in the HTC Sense UI (friends stream) that allows you to choose which services to link a friend to (other contacts, facebook, twitter, and flicker) you can also merge contacts without deleting them, for example I keep all of my wife’s information from before we were married in a contact listed under her maiden name.  On my Evo, I have linked the two contacts to each other, and they show up as my wife (married name) in my contacts list, but if I select edit it asks me if I want to edit married or maiden (not like that, it actually shows her 2 contact names)
The proximity sensor actually works! and is very quick and accurate at determining if my face is against the phone when talking or not.  My wife’s Samsung Moment fails on this test, it almost never turns the screen off when talking.
I am thinking about doing a live blog posting of my usage of the phone for a full charge, to give people an example of how much usage I get out of the phone, not sure about this, as I frequently vary the amount I use it by substantial amounts.  Also, I do not have an exchange account anywhere to test that functionality, as much as I hate Lotus, it would be nice if someone would make an OS with built in Notes support…  shoot, it would be nice if someone would make a Notes and Sametime compatible app for Android, the one notes app has poor ratings, and only connects you to the webpage for your iNotes and is not really an app, plus it did not work for me.
***Update*** a little update
I was just using my Evo to take some pics and record a couple of videos for these posts, and it would not let me change my wallpaper to one of the images I took, it crashed the service “com.htc.albums” I tried setting it directly from the file browser (both Linda and Android mate) and from the menu button used from the home screen (I tried gallery and Astro as well), I finally shutdown the phone, then restarted it, when it came back up it had the new background all ready set, but several changes I had made to some settings over the last 3 or 4 hours were undone and the last notifications I received were “marked” as uncleared again, so I had to reset those changes.
This issue has happened several times in one day, I had enabled GPS and wifi, turned the brightness setting to low from auto, then I turned on Wardrive as I was going to go walk around the neighborhood with my dog, Wardrive is supposed to keep the phone from going to sleep, but it turned off anyways.  When I turned it back on, I was no longer able to unlock it again, nothing loaded except for the background and status bar at the top, which I cannot slide down to see the notifications.  Nothing else works, none of the buttons do anything except for the screen on/off button, the bottom four touch buttons make the phone vibrate when I hit them, like they do when there is no action available to the button in an app.  Holding in the power button does nothing either.  I had to remove the battery, again, I left it out for about a minute.  Powers on just fine after replacing the battery.  The Evo maintained most of the settings I had before, but brought back the notifications I had before the problem happened the first time, 5+ hours ago. Starting to think I need to trade it in for a replacement.
ok, last thing for this series of posts… I LOVE MY HTC EVO 4G’s HUMONGUS SCREEN!!!  I also have a little bit of Streak envy…

Later… ( promise to work on the formatting issue of the website this weekend, to make this easier to read)

The ocean at North Myrtle Beach, SC 41.90MB, 1280×720, 58 seconds, 23fps, 6.00000Mbps, type: video/3gpp video/MP4V-ES


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