general update on the state of affairs…

ok so to start, Appcelerator Titanium is still not working on either x64 or 32-bit Kubuntu 10.04.  I even found a video on YouTube on setting it up for Ubuntu 9.10 that had about 4 or 6 steps and took almost zero time, in fact he did it in an edited 10 minute video and did not install and dependencies or compilers… (gcc, gcc++, python, or ruby) on a clean OS install.  I am still not able to get it running.  I have a new weird error I have not been able to find helpful info on at this point.  will update this post early next week, I have a busy weekend ahead of me)

Final Fantasy XIII – still playing, found some things I am happy about, still not attached to my characters, although I care enough about my accessories that I want to complain that you don’t get them back when your party gets changed (which happens a lot).  I spent all my gil upgrading 1 weapon for each and 3 accessories, and I don’t always get a chance to un-equip the accessories before there is a party swap.  Also found a new thing that pisses me off!! THEY MADE UP WORDS TO THE CHOCOBO SONG!!! I can’t believe they stooped so low! (yes I know there was a pun in that statement)

Good news though, no 999hp limit (I know not the first FF to do so), damage is not capped at 9999 nor 99,999 (I believe, as the only not secret achievement in the game is do more than 100k damage in a single attack).  I am now in chapter 8 and have noticed a significant ramping up of CP rewards, and CP cost for new abilities.  I spent 4 hours at the level 7 sweet spot, Hope’s house, just run around inside and the soldiers respawn when you get halfway to the opposite side.  I made 125k gil from celling incentive chips (2.5k each) and got 60 phoenix downs and 25k CP.  not too bad a stash, but it was not enough… I could not buy any of the better upgrade components yet, so could only upgrade 1 item and 1 weapon (got Lightning’s starter sword to level 12, or maybe it was 11) and when I got to chapter 8 I was not able to max out anyone’s new CP skills. better yet! after I finished a relatively short and easy section wit h Sazh and Vanille (whom I always call vanilla) I had 33k CP available to upgrade the other team!!  which means that easy part at Nautillus which took about 45 minutes +/- gave me almost as much CP as 4 hours in Hope’s house… if I had known that, I would have stuck around Nautillus a bit more.

Right, on to my PC state of affairs… again, I have been using KUbuntu 10.04 for a week or two now, and have an installation post to make still, have it written on little scraps of paper that I need to type up, all seems good, Fedora 13 should be out tuesday, I have prepared my system for a clean install of that on a separate HDD.  Should get that done Wed, so there should be a post about that coming Saturday (maybe friday, I am going to try and post everything in the order it has been happening, so nothing gets left behind.  Also look out for a post on Sprint’s HTV Evo 4G sooner or later (might wait till I pick mine up on June 4th!!! although I will be out of town that weekend to watch a dance recital, 4 yr old and a 9yr old).  hopefully I will be posting my 32-bit Appcelerator install guide tonight if I can figure out this new error.  I want to get started on a couple system apps/widgets for my Evo before I get it.


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