FreeBSD the next step – update 2

this may get a bit repetitive with me re-listing everything, so instead I am just going to link to the first post that has the list of things to do… note I have added a couple of things at the bottom so the numbers now go past 20…


1. 75% in progress, troubleshooting and more testing needed.  I have gotten my user added the the “VirtualBox” user group, but I get this error when I try to execute VirtualBox from the command line ”VirtualBox: supR3HardenedExecDir: couldn’t read “”, errno=2 cchLink=-1“  I tried loading VirtualBox from KDE and it was loading for about 12 seconds then nothing happend, also it did not install a manual page.  I’ll have to do some forum surfing to figure this one out.  this exact error is referrenced in the FreeBSD handbook noting that it should only occur if you are using an older version on VirtualBox.

2. 0% not started.  no updates yet, holding off till I get some of these other tasks complete.

3. 100% complete.  everything is automounting at bootup and it is doing it where I want it to.

4. 100% complete.  I am working almost exclusively via ssh now and can connect to it remotely as tested via an Android cell phone ssh client (props to connectbot)

5. 10% in progress, researched only.  Chrome can be installed as a Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, or Fedora package, I just need to set my system up to handle RPMs and I might be able to get it to install, hopefully the newest version will work easier than last august when everyone was trying to hack the install to make it work, especially since every forum I went to never had a successful complete port available and there were no posts from 2010 and the maintainer of the hacked port is not doing updates anymore except those that match his specific system configuration.

6. duplicate issue.  going to delete this one, as #19 and #20 pretty much sum it up.

7. 30% in progress, trouble shooting and additional testing required.  as noteded else where VirtualBox is installed but not able to run, and I have not started on VMWare.

8. 100% complete.  Firefox 3.6.2 is installed and operational.

9. 90% in progress, trouble shooting and more testing needed.  self testing shows that a user is able to ssh in and access the drives, but is not able to ftp in and access the drives.  I used “sudo ln -s /mnt/<directory> /home/<user>/<directory>” I haven’t used links much and need to see if the -s (symbolic) is what is preventing the user from accessing the data via ftp.

10. 0% not started.  no updates yet, holding off till I get some of these other tasks complete.

11. 20% in progress, 1 out of 5 drives is currently running with GPT.  the new 1.5TB drive was setup with GPT when installed into the system.  the new 500GB drive (FreeBSD boot drive) is still MBR as the FreeBSD fdisk application did not have an option for setting the drive boot record to GPT, although I have found documentation on converting the FreeBSD boot drive to GPT.

12. 0% in progress, initial research turned up nothing useful.

13. -30% not started, situation worsening, additional packages labeled as “gnome-xxxx” or “xxxxx-gnome” have been added as dependencies during other package installations. 

14. 10% in progress, initial research has turned up useful information; however I am not currently in a possition to proceed.

15. 0% not started.  no updates yet, holding off till I get some of these other tasks complete.

16. 0% not started.  no updates yet, holding off till I get some of these other tasks complete, will require at least one of #’s 1, 2, 7, or 15 to be complete before work can begin.

17. 0% not started.  no updates yet, holding off till I get some of these other tasks complete, not a priority and very near the bottom of the list of things to do.

18. 40% in progress.  Still leaning towards rsync, but I have been researching into using dump and I think it will do what I want it to.

19. 60% in progress, I thought I had it installed, but when I went to the test if you have java installed page of it failed to test my java installation (might need to add the plugin for firefox, will check); however the java download page only lists “Windows, Mac OS, and Linux” as OS choices, so I will have to do more research.

********update – I am making a java install page because this was such a pain in the rump to do.***********

20. 40% in progress, I thought I had it installed, but when I went to hulu it told me I need java 10.0.22, also told me I need the flash plugin installed; however again there is no FreeBSD listing on the download page as a supported OS, so I will have to do more research.

21. 100% complete.  (I know I added this one) get Yakuake working in KDE, well I did a “sudo pkg_add -r yakuake” and it started downloading, it has about 6 dependencies and those had about 150 dependencies, most of which I already had installed.  the problem I saw was it force downloaded KDE 3.5 and all of it’s dependencies, I hope that doesn’t screw anything up.  If I remember correctly from when KDE 4.0 first came out they specifically named the port KDE4 instead of just KDE so that there would not be conflicts on systems that had both versions installed.  after it finished I ran a “sudo pkgdb -F” it found a lot of stale dependencies and fixed them, one thing I noticed fly by was Firefox 3.0.## which tells me I need to check my Firefox and see if it is 3.0 or 3.6…

22. 10% researched only.  Get Picasa installed and working, this will be just like chrome and will require using RPM packages.

23. 100% complete.  as part of #5 and #22 (and because I always install this on FreeBSD, but it failed during initial OS installation for some reason) I am installing the linux compatibility/emulation pack.  I’ll do a brief post on this and link it here.


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