FreeBSD 8.0 and KDE, the next step

Ok, so my FreeBSD box boots, I have the beastie to welcome me to my system, KDE launches when I type startx, my mouse and KB both work from the console and in KDE, and my system is nearly completely up to date.  All looking good so far, now I need to get some things working in KDE, I am not sure if I want to install the ATI drivers… it always leads me back to the dreaded “blank black screen”  so I may hold out on doing that, as the last time I installed them I had to do a reinstall of the system to get booted again.  Although I may not have to worry about that since I have KDE setup to load only when I tell it to.


The first thing I noticed is there is no GUI package management system, I do not mind running it from the console, in fact I may just prefer it; however I do not like not having the option to do so.  so here is a list of things I need to do to get everything where I want it… (not in any particular order)


  1. install VirtualBox (done but not running/needs configuration)
  2. install VMWare Workstation (I have a license for either 6.0 or 6.5 on ebay for linux x64 a while back for $5, I was the only one who bid.  I have the iso somewhere on one of my drives)
  3. mount all my ntfs drives and setup nfs support (all done before I started writing this except for 2 folders I want mounted in specific places)
  4. test my remote and local network ssh login (should be setup already, except forwarding the port on the router)
  5. get Google Chrome working
  6. test audio and video playback (can I watch hulu?)
  7. get my VM‘s to launch and successfully run programs (should be easy after installing the correct apps and configuring them, worried about the ATI drivers)
  8. install firefox (my backup browser for when web pages don’t work in chrome)
  9. test remote access to FreeBSD for my mounted ntfs drives (I have a friend in Korea that is willing to help)
  10. begin converting  my ntfs drives to a better FS
  11. convert my drives from MBR to GPT to utilize GUID‘s
  12. find a port/package manager GUI interface for KDE
  13. eliminate all traces of Gnome from my computer (several packages I have installed have dependencies that have Gnome in the name, need to find out if they are necessary and nuke em if not!!)
  14. build my first kernel
  15. get wine installed and working (in case I have something that will refuses to run in a VM)
  16. either install some older DOS games (<—two different links there) or find something newer out there install and get them working (VM or wine, just for fun and to say “oh yeah I love that game, I still it installed on my system…”)
  17. get Xorg port forwarding to work with cygwin.
  18. setup a respectable backup system (currently my backup drive turned into emergency storage when I had a few HDD’s all fail within weeks of each other last year, now I have new drives and enough storage space, I even copied the data off the external backup, but have not yet done a backup of FreeBSD.  Might make this item number one!!)
  19. get java working (part of getting hulu to run)
  20. get flash working (part of getting hulu to run)


Sorry about not getting this up sooner, I thought I posted it before I went out of town last week, but I found it today sitting here the drafts section still needing some work…


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