FreeBSD and VMWare

Well my first choice of Ubuntu’s JeOS is probably a lot more work than I want to go through, so I am preparing my backup plan.  Going to my favorite OS of choice, FreeBSD.  while looking up VMWare and linux hosts I came across a link that referenced FreeBSD, so I did a little more searching and now I want to list those links so I can find them later and hopefully get that to work when I get frustrated with JeOS (since I am not intending on using it as it’s creators intended, I am expecting it to fail, but want to try anyways as VMWare supports Ubuntu based OS as a Host OS and JeOS is a watered down Ubuntu Server, and overhead is a primary concern when dealing with Virtual Machines.  Maybe if I document well enough and it does work, my notes will get added to the VMWare and Ubuntu knowledgebases).

Anyways, FreeBSD links involving VMWare and/or just VMs

  1. Although dated December 2004 for the first post, this VMWare forum post includes responses from VMWare employees regarding not supporting FreeBSD as a Host OS.  Also includes links to a site where a non-employee had been providing a FreeBSD port for VMWare, but stopped maintaining it after VMWare Workstation 3.5 last post in the thread was dated Jan 16th 2010, and still no official support. (fyi I am looking into this, as I just got assigned to a VMWare support team and so I am trying to get more familiar with their products.  I would like to run VMWare on the most secure, least overhead Host OS possible, and I am already somewhat familiar with FreeBSD)
  2. instructions for enabling VMWare tools in *BSD guests
  3. instructions on installing VMWare tools in FreeBSD 8.x guest
  4. fantastic instructions on setting up FreeBSD 8 with KDE graphical environment, clear step by step install and post install instructions.  I will try them instead of doing Ubuntu’s JeOS as having this running even without VMWare would make me most happy.
  5. the FreeBSD Handbook page for third party applications for installing, upgrading, and building from source
  6. the FreeBSD Hanbook’s page on setting up VirtualBox in BSD
  7. the FreeBSD official wiki-site for setting up VirtualBox


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