LG Spectrum – one stop download shop

LG Spectrum one stop download shop

last updated December 15th 2013

All links are permanently down,

I am sorry to say that after a good long run, all files were forcibly removed from my website by my webhost. Apparently the storage array I was hosted on was low on space, and they did an audit of all the sites on it and went through and analyzed the files there. There seems to be a clause in my hosting agreement wherein “file sharing” and “personal file storage” are forbidden. All files were delete pertaining to this device and all other Android devices that I had shared.

I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause some people, I do not even have a local backup of the files as I cleared my local copy off after I sold my Adam. I wish those of you still using this awesome and ground breaking Tablet the best of luck. I just wish there had been more devices made by Notion Ink as I still miss the ability to switch to eink mode and despise constantly hunting for a charger to keep my large screen devices running.


I have moved all the blah blah blah to the bottom of this page, so you can more easily get to what you are looking for. Additionally for those who skip this page and just go to the files (joelperryproductions.com/spectrum) I have started adding a text file into each directory with the url for support/the source where I obtained the files. This will also be there for files I have not yet received approval to mirror, so if you are hunting something and I do not have authorization to distribute it, you will find a directory for it with a text doc that will direct you to the location to obtain the file and support. Last but not least, I want to give a special thanks to MTMichaelson for giving us our first Rom, the one all others were built from until ICS, and PlayfulGod, Death2All, and TDM for all their hard work on getting us ICS. Click their names if you want to donate to them.

I have not modified any files unless otherwise noted (currently, only EvenLess files are modified from the source)

These files contain everything you need to root an LG Spectrum, pick a “linux” file if you are not using Windows, those are based on the official one for Windows, only I have modified it somewhat and re-written it for linux. Please act consciously and READ THE SCRIPT! before running it. Please note, the Linux scripts have been updated on May 27th, 2012 again on May 30th 2012.

Note for Linux users: if you have not configured your computer to recognize the LG Spectrum via USB, these scripts will do it for you when run using sudo or as a root user. This is the only thing the script does that requires root access. If you do not run the script as root, it will only work after you manually configure your computer.
This can be done by copying the line that requires root access and pasting it after typing “sudo”, then run the script without root access and it will error and skip the part requiring root, all of the rest of the script will work without root.

Official All in one Root file

IceCream Sandwich Roms
These can be downloaded directly to your phone once rooted with CWM installed.

files removed as they were all pre beta and not at all useful any more.


GingerBread Roms
These can be downloaded directly to your phone once rooted with CWM installed.

Black Plague

Broken Out Rom

Other files related to The Broken Out Rom


Archived Broken Out Rom files

There is are some known acceptable (at this time) issues with my minimal and EvenLess versions of this Rom

  1. +Since I am not yet familiar with modifying .apk files, after the SIM activation and language selection setup app runs (the Verizon setup app), it will force close, then run itself again. you may press home to get out of the app AFTER the force close popup, then uninstall it later with your choice of system app uninstallers, it is not necessary but to run one time. The force close is caused by a call upon exit of the Verizon setup app that loads the Google Setup App, which I have removed to save 1.6MB or so on the Rom size.


Please note that all HoloS Rom files have been renamed to remove the “space” in the name, this makes working with it in linux a bit easier, and me happier.


Plagued Ninjroid

Please note that all plagued Ninjroid Rom files have been renamed to remove the “space” in the name, this makes working with it in linux a bit easier, and me happier.



Black Plague Kernel

BlitzKrieg Kernel

Popcorn Kernel – Also has a home on Rootz.

various things you may find useful that may or may not be included in other files available here, I cannot guarantee they are up to date, or that I will update them when newer versions become available. They are just here, because they “might” be useful to someone, older versions have been removed due to the recent dual zero day exploits released, but I will only use links for the newest on this page to keep the page length down. Also, the Android NDK & ADT files and Java JDK .rpm files are also located on the server, but not linked here.

Android SDK

Oracle Java 7
I also have the jre files in the same folder, you can navigate to it and download them if you wish. http://joelperryproductions.com/spectrum/tools/java

ClockWork Mod Touch Recovery

LG Spectrum Unbricking/return to Stock methods
The full unbricking set, plus some of the individual packages included in that file.
LG VZW_United_WHQL_v2.4.1.zip

Stock files
a collection of files taken from the stock installation on the LG Spectrum, made available just in case you need them. There have been issues getting these installed, I recommend adding them to a Rom and flashing that Rom over your current without wiping first. warning the EvenLess Rom Installs and others MIGHT wipe your data automatically on install. Please make backups/nandroids of your system first!.

Stock Apps

Hosts File
LG Spectrum stock hosts file

Audio Files
LG Spectrum stock system/sounds files
LG Spectrum stock system/media files

Revert to Stock V4 or V6
LG Spectrum stock V4 Rom restorer
LG Spectrum stock V4 Rom
LG Spectrum stock V6 Rom

I have also found there are some useful files located here:

below you find all of the info that used to be at the top of this page, moved for your convenience…

Early in March I left Sprint, my cell phone carrier since 1997. Even though they have great plan rates, unlimited data at the same price of approx 2GB plans with other carriers. I finally got rid of my HTC Evo. Sprint really messed up, and I am sure they had a lot of subscriber loss because of it. Ok, here is some back story for those that don’t know what I am talking about. Sprint (first) removed the 1 year upgrade ability from anyone without 10 years of service to them (I was on another persons account until 2004, so did not qualify any more), they did this right before everyone who pre-ordered (or bought at or shortly after launch) the first HTC Evo was able to upgrade on the one year upgrade schedule. Then they shortly thereafter removed the one year upgrade plan completely, I am not sure on the timing, so I don’t know if they screwed everyone that bought an Evo out of the one year upgrade. But, what they did at the same time was to completely screw themselves by changing to a 21 month upgrade time. Then Sprint waiting until 1 month AFTER the 21 month upgrade window for HTC Evo first month purchasers, before they announced a new model available exactly 2 years after the original Evo. I was more than ready to get rid of my phone at that time, and did.

So I bought an LG Spectrum and moved to Verizon, bad news for me, it has the same class processor as the original HTC Evo (Qualcomm SnapDragon S3), only in a dual core and higher clock speed. Not to mention the “New” HTC Evo model coming to Sprint exactly 2 years after the original, has the “next” generation model of said processor (Qualcomm SnapDragon S4), with LTE on chip and at a 28nm die process, improving battery performance and computational power. Needless to say I am a bit upset, although… I now have 4G LTE service anywhere I go around my house within a 30 minute drive, and most everywhere else, vs. only having 3G, on Sprint, Everywhere, except in my house where I had 1x or roam only service. I moved at the beginning of this year and my Sprint phone frequently drops to 1x or no signal in my home. On Verizon I have seen my phone drop to 3G, but never for more than 3 seconds and to tell the truth, only once or twice at that. Not to mention Verizon gave me $85 to trade in my HTC Evo, and I bought the Spectrum for $19.99 on Newegg (at the time it was $50 on Amazon), although Amazon.com and a few other places now sell it for $0.00 or $0.01. (update 6-4-2012 the prices have gone back up)

Now I am happy with my purchase; however I see a MASSIVE phone envy coming my way by the end of this year. The Qualcomm S4 will most likely be around for 2-3 more years, unless Android changes to “requiring” 4 core CPUs in order to run Android 5.0 or 6.0 (or 4.5 if they go that route), then the S4 will get pushed aside for an S4.5 with quad core (if technically possible), else an S5 chip. According to Wikipedia’s page on the SnapDragon, the Quad Core S5 2.0-2.5GHz processor will be available in Q1 2013. So unless Google makes such a requirement in a soon to be released future version of Android, It looks like I may have to hold out for 3 years before I upgrade, unless I want to get stuck with the “old model” CPU as my only upgrade options, similar to what happened to me this time, as I could not wait, and my cell service is horrible in my new home (I’ll probably be moving anyway at the end of the year, this is just a rental).

Thanks go out to

  1. Security Researcher Dan Rosenberg for rooting the LG Spectrum quite quickly (exactly 1 month after the phone launch and 3 weeks before I bought it.
  2. mtmichaelson over at Android Forums for creating the first LG Spectrum Rom and adding a custom Kernel. Also, for putting together the All in One rooting and CWM install method for the LG Spectrum, using the vulnerability found by Dan (djrbliss).
  3. neph81 at Android Forums for making a Touch based version of ClockWork Mod available for the LG Spectrum.
  4. MrB206 for generally just being Awesome and all the things he doesn’t get enough credit for.
  5. brianmaedche for all his hard work and testing assistance.
  6. Koush for creating the CWM Touch version for the LG Nitro that the LG Spectrum version is based off. Sorry but I cannot find a link for info on it; however if you have a Nitro and Rom Manager, you can download it through the Rom Manager App.
  7. Android Forums, for providing a location for all of us Android freaks to get our fix on!
  8. Secure Mecca for the blocking hosts file that I use with my linux rooting install scripts, and have been using on my personal systems for almost 2 years now.

The links above will take you to the forum pages at Android Forums or Dan’s blog page, referencing all of the information I thanked everyone for. I will also link to these below again as I share the files from here as a mirror location and will continue to do so, and add new files for as long as I own my Spectrum (which looks like at least October 2013…) I also have a couple of addition/modified files I will post here that I use personally; however I probably will not provide most of them elsewhere. Easier to maintain that way, sorry for anyone who doesn’t like that idea. If I have any files below that you are responsible for providing to the community and do not like me providing it from my website, let me know, and I will take it down, no questions asked.


17 thoughts on “LG Spectrum – one stop download shop

  1. Thank you for mirroring the android SDK!!! My provide blocks google’s DL page, but not your site. Thus your site was super helpful for downloading this.

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  2. Thank you for hosting these. I have four questions for you: 1. What advantages does popcorn kernel have over blitzkrieg? 2. Do any kernels support wifi tether? 3. Could you please fix the link for popcorn v1.0? And most importantly, can you provide any guidance on how to use the stock apk files? I’ve copied them to /system/app but I must be must be missing something, because the apps aren’t accessible through my launcher. Thanks so much for your help.

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    1. 1. Popcorn is being worked by two devs, neither one has an LG Spectrum available for testing at this time, both are very excited to work on their kernel and make improvements in the future, but I think the new version of Broken Out (v1.2.1) trumps the current Popcorn with over-clocking and the newly added governors. Until someone sets up a spreadsheet with tests of each doing both benchmarks and real world processes, I think it will mostly be a features benefit to determine which people use. I fully expect a new version of Popcorn with overclocking to be available very soon.

      2. that is a darn good question, I am not sure that using a different kernel has anything to do with supporting wifi tether, as the stock kernel supports it, so the only reason a modified kernel would not, is if it is a “slimmed down” kernel, where the dev was trying to reduce functionality in order to get a smaller file size. What you might mean by that is, which one will keep you from getting caught using wifi tether by Verizon… and that I believe is something that the wifi tether app can do, a special app for blocking that monitoring, or a change built into a Rom build that blocks it. I did find a post (on Android Forums I believe) that talks about what allows wifi tether to work without getting caught vs. what does not. most opinions are use at your own risk, if your monthly data usage does not vary by much, you are much less likely to get busted for using wifi tether than if you go from 1.4GB a month usage on average for several months or even years, then jump to 6GB the next month. I think it is built into the VZWservices.apk file the function that allows them to monitor your app usage or view the list of installed apps on your phone, but I am sure it is in there somewhere. The cell carriers would not have relied entirely on Carrier IQ for that process I think. Be careful, be smart, and don’t over use your data vs. what you normally use, by a lot in one month. Also, please report back if you are unable to use wifi tether with either of those kernels.

      3. fixed, the Devs changed the structure of the file name between versions, “popcornkernel” to “popcorn-kernel” and I just changed the 0.1 to 1.0-FiNaL when I copied the link (I write all my posts and pages in HTML code, I do not use an app or a wizard to build the pages, I don’t like the garbage code that apps and wizards add, plus formatting is easier for me if I control it, rather than rely on code in some program I cannot modify). Thank you for catching that!

      4. you may have to copy the apk files in to the data/app folder in the rom before flashing. Also try installing with any file browser (Rom Toolbox, es file explorer, andexplorer, android mate, system monitor (built in installer), or any other that allows you to browse the files on your SD card, if you need to make the app a system app and do not want to flash a new rom, Rom Toolbox should be able to do it for you, also Titanium Backup can do it (I use Titanium, although I am trying to move completely to Rom Toolbox so I can decrease the number of running apps on my phone). After the Rom installs, new files in the system/app and data/app folders are ignored as far as I have been able to tell, you have to run them through a package installer.

  3. You got excellent skills.
    I really love your ROM. In 1.1 version, I was able to play m3u8 links from Dolphin browser to MX vedio player.

    Now I can not do it. When I click the link, it will ask me to as it as a file instead of open it from the MX video player. Even I have tried to erase data and installed the fresh copy.

    How can run the su on the terminal?
    I am getting an error as access denied.

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    1. I did not make the Spectrum Broken Out Rom, if this is the Rom you are referring to, please click the title “Broken Out Rom” to go to the forum post that contains the author’s original posting of the Rom. There you may leave questions for him to answer. There were quite a few changes from 1.1 to 1.2.1.

      In order to use “su” from the terminal, you must grant super user rights to the terminal application. This information is covered at AndroidForums.com to prevent replicating information already provided please go to that forum and either search for the answers to your issues, or post your questions there. I am happy to help where I can; however this is just a mirror location.

      If your problem is with my minimal version (or EvenLess edition) of Broken Out, I have removed a LOT of the system files. it is possible that something I removed is causing the issue, everything I removed is included in the removed.zip file for the particular Rom version. If you download that you can put most of the files back before or after flashing the Rom. I did remove the stock Music player from the Rom, as many people complain about it, and I do not use it. If you would like, I can put up a version with the default music app back in the Rom for you to test, or you can Download it from the stock apps section at the bottom of the page and try installing it. If this works, please let me know so I can add a note about the file.

  4. If someone would be so kind as to test something for me and reply here…

    I have been unable to run ANY terminal application from my EvenLess build of 1.2.1 or 1.3. If someone can flash either and test that for me, I’d appreciate it.

  5. OK, I flashed EvenLess build 1.3 with just a minimal wipe.
    I am searching for some commands to use.
    I opened terminal and typed su enter.
    So far su enter shows #.

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    1. ok, so then I screwed something up… :) I’ll have to look into it again. Right now trying to root and hack up a Rom for my wife’s Evo Shift… After 16 months she finally decided to let me root it!

  6. I went here http://androidforums.com/droid-all-things-root/44647-using-terminal.html
    At first “help” gave “help: not found.
    When I read further:
    “ls -l” gave a listing of the current directory with expanded information, except some of those dates are from 1969 and 1970. That’s a lot like my nandroids commimming up with 1980 and such.

    Is there another process you you are referring to?
    Are you talking about connecting the device to the PC and running some ADB applications or are we looking at some scripts to run on the device?

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    1. no I am not able to open ANY terminal on my LG Spectrum. I’ve downloaded three to test, and the built in one from Rom Toolbox, they all force close before launching, but after I try to launch them, of course.

  7. Thank you so much for all this, and everybody!

    I used a 3G amplifier (Wilson Sleek fro 3GStore.com) for 2 years to improve, with great success, my in-house reception and data speed. Then we installed a whole house repeater with 4G ready antennas; makes all the difference in low signal or variable signal areas.

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